Friday, September 23, 2016

How To Wear Yellow – Next Season’s Hottest Colour

If we learned anything from New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017, it’s that yellow is set to be next season’s hottest colour. But this shade is notoriously hard to pull off so you might need a little help rocking yellow. Here LUXE Models explains how to wear yellow with style.

Find right shades  

Vogue writes that the first step to rocking yellow is finding the right shade. First, determine which tone in the yellow rainbow works with your skin, so your clothes don’t make you look washed out. Then, determine which other colours work with your chosen shades of yellow. Be warned that if you decide to wear yellow-on-yellow, you need to wear two separate shades to make sure that your outfit actually works.

Get really weird

With yellow, you need to go hard or go home. The Telegraph reveals that one way to master this difficult shade is to find a strong colour for yellow to stand up against. Try pairing yellow with bold primary colours if you want to play it safe and cultivate a retro look. But if you want to experiment a little, go for weirder pairings like lemon and bubble-gum or mustard and grey!

Look for inspiration

You can’t go wrong by seeing how the experts include yellow in their designs. At New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017, we saw designers use every shade of yellow, from zingy-lemon to mustard, so there are examples for whichever shade you choose. We particularly loved the Thakoon show, which saw muted mustards teamed with fabulous gold statement earrings – a winning combo!

One statement piece

Sometimes, yellow shines when it’s highlighted by a muted background. Try teaming neutral, calm colours with one yellow piece. Opt for bright yellow heels or a bag, to make a real statement. But if you want to play it safe, try something subtle like adding a yellow charm to your tote bag. You could also try wearing matching yellow accessories with a neutral outfit to take this look to new extremes!

Be careful with black

Despite popular opinion, you can pair yellow with black. But you have to be really careful, otherwise you could end up looking like a bumble bee. The trick here is to add in a third colour, so you can break up the sea of yellow and black. Let’s say for instance, you decide to toughen up a yellow dress by throwing on a black leather jacket. Add a coral scarf to be chic and make this look really work!

Really happy colour

It’s important to point out that yellow is a really happy colour. If you want to find a way to make this tricky shade work for you next season, cast the rule book aside and have some fun. Get experimental and weird because you never know, you could stumble on a really innovative way to wear this most brilliant yet difficult of shades!